Citronella Collar

Citronella Collar

The Citronella Bark Collar Uncover The Reason It Works To Keep Your Dog From Barking

By Jerry Beckwire | May 3, 2010

The citronella bark collar keeps your dog from barking, but how does it really work? Read on and find out. While it does work to stop most dogs from barking entirely that means that they will also not bark at the things you would want to know about. Some owners are unable to train their dogs on a consistent schedule. This collar might be their solution it is better than the electric shock collar.

The citronella bark collar sprays citronella from underneath your dogs chin whenever it barks. The collar has a microphone in it and when the sound of barking is heard the spray is released. It is said that dogs do not like the scent and this will stop them from barking, it is like behavior modification.

The microphone in the citronella bark collar can be adjusted so that your dog does not get sprayed when another dog is heard barking. Of course that would not be fair to your pet as they have no control over another dogs’ barking and they would be punished for something they did not do.

The citronella bark collar does have some other issues. Citronella can stain your carpet and upholstery, leave a slimy residue on floors and harm wood furniture. You have to outweigh the good and the bad. You can cover your furniture and be careful on the floor if your dog was just there barking, and the carpet and upholstery can be cleaned. In some areas you can be fined if your dog barks too much and this can get costly for the overactive barking dog owner.

If you see that your dog is barking at absolutely everything maybe they are bored. I heard that from my vet. He suggested talking my dog for more walks or playing with him more often. Since my dog likes to pull when we walk, I tried the easy walk harness for these frequent walks and it did a great job. Walking more often also helped stop the barking. I don’t know if he stopped because he was tired, or if it was because he was really just bored. Which ever one it was doesn’t matter because now he only seems to bark at the serious things and I never had to try the citronella bark collar.

You might not be able to take your dog out more often than you already do, or more walking might not be what your dog needs. You can try playing with them more often, this might solve the boredom problem. Or maybe that is not why your dog is barking too much at all. If none of that works you can always try the citronella bark collar.

Jerry Beckwire blogs about dog collars and training methods at his website, Learn more about canny collar and prong collar.

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  1. geoff says:

    The citronella spray collars are more effective and more humane than the shock collars. I would give the citronella bark collar a try. They are on special at the moment at $99.95 with free shipping anywhere in Australia. Go to this link to get one:

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